Historic roof structures - a Cheb phenomenon

Why phenomenon?

  • in no other Czech town is there such a complex of unique historic roof structures as preserved in Cheb, dated from the Middle Ages to the mid-20th century
  • the constructions present complex information of the types and variations of roof structures over centuries within the same space – in the town houses around the square in Cheb
  • only in Cheb it is possible to visit and experience such a varied and coherent complex of historic roof structures

Lucky coincidence!

… how come such great historic value got preserved

local wealthy merchants
  • from the 14th century built large houses with no further modifications required in the following centuries
  • were building from quality timber by excellent carpenters
  • covered the roofs by tiles, which prevented spreading of devastating fires
limited tendencies to change or modify the roof structures in the post-war sanitation period and later in the 20th century
the project of the Foundation fund Historic Cheb, which protects the roof structures, presents them and opens to public